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Film: Lehrkraft im Vorbereitungsdienst (Trainee teachers in the teaching practice period)

For the documentary Lehrkraft im Vorbereitungsdienst, award-winning filmmaker Timo Großpietsch shadowed 3 trainee teachers in Hamburg for 18 months. The film offers valuable insights into the reality of the teaching practice period, be it in the classroom, in seminars at the State Institute of Teacher Training and School Development, or in examination situations.

NDR media library: Lehrkraft im Vorbereitungsdienst

Lehrer*in Hamburg

Lehrer*in HamburgThe website Studienkompass Lehrer*in Hamburg (degree orientation for teaching in Hamburg (in German only)) provides a wide range of information on teacher training programs, teaching as a profession, and the school system in Hamburg. Reflection exercises help you ascertain how much you already know about teaching as a profession, if the job is the right fit for you, and if it correlates to your motivation, passion and abilities